The Chicago Police Department is providing official feeds in cooperation with Broadcastify.com for each of their radio zones. The referrals below may also be found the METRO AREA: CHICAGO - LIVE AUDIO FEES page on Broadcastify (feed archives are not provided).

Official feeds from the Chicago Police Department were apparently established in an effort to provide transparency as the police department converts their radio system to a secure encrypted system that can not be monitored by consumer police/fire scanning radios. The radio transmissions are likely going to be delayed by at least 30 minutes, and could be blocked entirely during extra-ordinary circumstances.


The following three stream sources serve approximately the same official radio communications, except Eric Tendian has multiple simultaneous communications going with some extra comms that are subject to change. Some of these sources in all three categories below may gradually become obsolete as the Chicago Police Department converts their radio system to encrypted secure radio talk groups. Stay safe.

Chicago Police | Archives
[ALL ZONES (except Zone 9?)]
[The Chicago Police Department feed has been the feed with the most listeners of all feeds on Broadcastify.]

Multi-Feed on Eric Tendian #ChicagoScanner Look for Scanner feed with LIVE NOW.  Scanner feed of ISP Dist. Chicago, Metra PD, CPD Citywides, various CFD channels,  and aviation UNICOM. Scan list subject to change (YouTube). Consider using left or right speaker for filtering (on desktop/notebook Mac/PC).

Chicago Police Department on OpenMHz
(You don't have to select a group. You can listen to all groups. If OpenMHz doesn't play audio automatically, touch play button, lower left.)


Chicago Police Zone 1 - Districts 16 and 17

Chicago Police Zone 2 - District 19

Chicago Police Zone 3 Dispatch - Districts 12 and 14

Chicago Police Zone 4 - Districts 1 and 18

Chicago Police Zone 5 - District 2 [LINK ??]

Chicago Police - Zone 6 Districts 7 and 8

Chicago Police Zone 7 - District 3

Chicago Police Zone 8 - Districts 4 and 6

Chicago Police Zone 9 - Districts 5 and 22

Chicago Police Zone 10 - Districts 10 and 11

CPD Citywide 1 & CPD Zone 11 - Districts 20 and 24

Chicago Police Zone 12 - Districts 15 and 25

Chicago Police Zone 13 - District 9

Chicago Police - Citywide 6
CPD Alternate Channel, most-often used channel for special events, parades, protests and sports games. Streams Citywide 5 as well occasionally.

Feeds may change without notice. Here is the list of all feeds in Cook County, Illinois ...

ZONE REFERENCE "All Channel Feed (Expect Zone 9?)"

460.200 Chicago Police - Dispatch Zone 8
District 4   | District 6

460.400 Chicago Police - Dispatch Zone 6
Districts 7 8

7th District – Englewood & 8th District – Chicago Lawn

460.450 Chicago Police - Dispatch Zone 13
Districts 9 12

9th District - Deering: Serving Bridgeport, McKinley Park, Brighton Park, New City, and Gage Park. 12th District ?? DEVELOPING ??

460.075 Chicago Police - Dispatch Zone 7
District 3

3rd District ...Grand Crossing

460.100  Chicago Police - Dispatch Zone 10
Districts 10 11

10th District - Ogden: Serving North Lawndale, South Lawndale, and the Lower West Side; 11th District - Harrison: Serving West Garfield Park, East Garfield Park, and the southern half of Humboldt Park.

460.150 Chicago Police - Dispatch Zone 4
Districts 1 18

Chicago Police Zone 4 1st District-Central..18th District-Near North.. Zone cover Downtown Chicago, Lake Shore Drive, Mag Mile, Navy Pier, Central Detention

460.475 Chicago Police - Dispatch Zone 1
Districts 16 17

460.225 Chicago Police - Dispatch Zone 3
Districts 13 14

Near West Side, Wicker Park, Ukranian Village, West Town, Logan Square, Bucktown, UIC areas.

460.425  Chicago Police - Dispatch Zone 12
Districts 15 25

The feed link is the Chicago Police Zone 12 Radio System that dispatches the 15th and 25th Districts.  This Zone is unique because of the two Districts using the same last three digits (unit/car numbers) when calling Beatcars.  Example is, with other Zones they will call beat 1511 as 511 and beat  2511 as 511.  So what they did was to have the Beatcars in the 15th District use the Station neighborhood name of the 15th District/Austin Station, as their call sign.  Example is if Beat 1511 was calling the Zone or the Zone was call Beat 1511, they use 1511 or Austin 11 and then 511 on the Zone is known as Beat 2511. [Feed link provided by  www.ChicagoFD.org]


460.050 Chicago Police - Dispatch Zone 2
Districts 19 23

19th District - Town Hall: Serving the area from Fullerton to Lawrence and Lake Michigan to the Chicago River. Lake View, north Lincoln Park, North Center, most of Uptown.

460.375  Chicago Police - Dispatch Zone 11
Districts 20 24

460.250  Chicago Police - Citywide 6
CPD Alternate Channel, most-often used channel for special events, parades, protests and sports games. Streams Citywide 5 as well occasionally.

460.125 Chicago Police - Citywide 1
Emergency Broadcasts for major traffic accidents, calls for help (10-1), in progress emergency calls, shootings, gangs.
LIVE | Archive (Note: not available)

460.300 Chicago Police - Citywide 7

460.175 Chicago Police - Citywide 2


Chicago Police Zone 9 - Districts 5 and 22
5th District.. Calumet / Area South.. 22nd District Morgan Park

Chicago Police Zone 5 - District 2

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